North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Cookson


Cookson Barton

(Hearse house). Here lies ye body of Jane Cookson, Daughter of James Cookson, Feb: ye 22, aged 24, 1718.

Cookson Barton

(S.E. altar tomb). Mary Yielder, widow of William Yielder Esqre. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Daughter of William and Sarah Cookson of Penrith died l. 23rd April 1810 aged 71 years.

Cookson Grasmere

(E. within stone edging). 1. In memory of Elizabeth Cookson of How Foot, Grasmere, who died November 5th 1868 In the 94th years. of her age, widow of Thomas Cookson, of Kendal, who died October 20th 1833 aged 62 at Ramsey, Isle of Man. 2. In memory of Sarah Cookson who died September 4th 1875 "My Lord and my God." (On foot stone) "I am the resurrection and the life. Where I am there shall also my servant be."

Cookson Grasmere

(N). In Memory of Isabella The Beloved wife of Thomas Cookson of Dale End, Grasmere, died January 28th 1878 Aged 68 years. Thomas Cookson died March 14th 1880 Aged 69Y. Also Their Children, Edward Aged 5 years. Isabella Aged 12 years. "Thy will be done."

Cookson Kendal

(N. W). Sacred memory of William Cookson, Union Street, who departed this life September . 16th 1835 aged 61 years. Ann, Relict of William Cookson departed life 3rd April 1861 Aged 79 years. Interred at St. Thomas's, Kendal, 7th April 1861. Also in m. John Hodgson who died at Keswick September 19th 1839 Aged 78 years. And of Ann his Wife who died at Kendal February 9th 1845 in the 88th years. of her age, her end was peace. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Cookson Kirkby Lonsdale

(N.E). In memory of Ellen Cookson, formerly of Blackburn, who died at Kirkby Lonsdale March 8th 1867 aged 63 years. Death little warning to me gave, But quickly called me to my grave, Oh ! haste to Christ, make no delay, For no one knows their dying day.

Cookson Kirkby Thore

(S. W). I.H.S. In memory of Edward Cookson 27 years. Rector of this Parish who died December . 4th 1879 aged 69. R.I.P. also in m. his son Alfred Edward who died August 15, 1881, Aged 43 years.