North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Hartley


Hartley Grasmere

(E). To the memory of John Hartley who died at Brigham near Keswick November . 26th 1848 Aged 73. Also of Agnes his Wife who died at Braithwaite July 5th 1842 Aged 67. Also of George and Sarah Green, (Parents of the above Agnes), who perished in the snow on Langdale Fell, March 19th 1808. George Green, aged 66, Sarah Green, aged 43. Christ our salvation. Also of Jane, Wife of Wilson Cole & daughter of John & Agnes Hartley who died 25th August 1879 Aged 63 years.

Hartley Kirkby Stephen

(In. S). In memory of Edwd. Hartley of Melbecks, Gent. Whose strict Piety in his Devotion to God & unbiass'd Integrity in his Dealings with Men, made his Death full of Hope & Comfort to himself, but afflicting to his Friends. He died April 29th 1740 aged 76, Likewise of Hu: Hartley his elder Son who died September I4th 1744 agd. 31. Also Jane Widow of Edward Hartley who died Augt. 7th A.D. 1765 Agd. 85.

Hartley Windermere

In. E. chancel window, 7 lights. Subjects: centre, the Crucifixion : & 5 larger figures & one group, i.e., on dexter, the Blessed Virgin, St. George & Dragon, & St. Barbara with tower; on sinister, St. John the Evangelist, St. Catherine with sword and wheel, & 2, Archbishops, & St. Stephen with stone, and St. Lawrence with gridiron. Above transom; the Resurrection, the Blessed Virgin and Holy Infant Entry into Jerusalem, &c. Above, 6 smaller groups. Smaller groups (counting from dexter). I. Augustinian or Black Canon with rosary, &c., kneeling beneath legend, thereon John Plo, P'or of Kerkmel. II. Knight and lady kneeling, Arms (on his surcoat and her mantle,) erm. fretty gu. (Thornburgh) and (on her kirtle) ar. 2 bars and on canton gu. cross of field (Broughton) beneath legend Willm Thornboro and hys Wyff. III. 8 Black Canons, and on labels issuing from mouths W. Hartley, Thomas Hogson, Willym Bareaye, Willm Purfoot, Roger Thwaites, George Fis(her ?). IV. Knight and lady &c., arms (as before) or, 5 fusils conjoined in fess az. (Pennington) and 41y ar. (shd. be or) and gu. on bend sa. 3 escallops of 1st (Eure) beneath legend Pennyghton and hys Wyff. V. Knight and lady, &c.,arms, ar. 2 bars and on canton gu. cross moline or. (Kirkby) and barry of 8 ar . and gu. beneath legend . . . Kirk by . . . VI. Knight and lady, &c., arms, ar. on bend sa.4 spades of field (Swetenham) and ar. on chevron az. 8 plates each with cross sa. beneath legend . . . milady hys. . . . † Arms (in lights above transom). I. ar. cross wavy gu. (for Lawrence) ; II. ar. on bend sa. 3 plates, thereon cross gu. (for Urswick); III sa. fretty, label of 3 points ar. (Harrington) ; IV. gu. fretty ar. label of 5 points az. (for Huddleston) impaling ar. fleur-de-lis gu. (for Levenshulme) ; V. sa. fretty ar. (Harrington) ; VI. ar. 2 bars, on canton gu. (maunch) or (for Bardsey) impaling gu. 6 lioncels rampant ar. 3, 2, I, (Leyborne) ; VII. gu. fretty ar. (Huddleston); VIII. 41y, I & 4 barry of 6 ar. & az. in chief 3 torteaux (Grey), 2 & 3, 4ly I & 4 gu. maunch or (for Hastings) 2 & 3 barry of 6 ar. & az. (Valens). IX. 41y I & 4 barry of 6 ar. & az. (for Grey), 2 & 3 blank X, ar saltire engrailed sa. thereon mullet of field (Middleton) ; XI 4ly I & 4 ar. 2 bars, in chief 3 etoiles gu. (Lowick) 2 & 3 ar. cross wavy gu (for Lawrence) ; XII. 41y I & 4 sa. 3 1ions rampant ar. (Talbot) 2 & 3 sa. fretty ar. label of 3 points gu. (Harrington) ; XIII. gu. 3 (bull’s) heads caboshed ar. (for Boyvill of Milium) ; XIV. gu. fretty ar. label of 5 points vert (for Huddleston) ; XV. per pale or & vert lion rampant gu. (Mareschal & Cartmel Priory) ; XVI. gu. 3 cushions erm. tasselled or, pomme in centre for diff. (Redman) ; XVII. same as XV1.