North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Kendall


Kendall Grasmere

(F). In memory of Ann, Widow of Ithe late George Kendall of Liverpool, Who died on the 6th of March 1879 In her 83rd Year. Remember the words of the Lord Jesus how He said "I am the Resurrection, he that believeth on me though he were dead yet shall he live. (Flat stone) also of Margaret, daughter of the above who died at Biarritz on January 31st 1884 aged 47 years. "So he giveth his beloved sleep."

Kendall Lowther

I.H.S. In affectionate remembrance of John Kendall, Melkinthorpe, who died March 19th 1857 aged 57 years. , also of Elizabeth his wife who died at Hackthorpe November . 18th 1861 aged 42 years. , also of Richard their eldest son who died at Melkinthorpe January 22nd 1878 aged 30 years. , and of Jane Kendall sister of the above John Kendall who died at Melkinthorpe October 30th 1869 aged 78 years.

Kendall Windermere

(S. flat tomb). Here lyeth the Body of John Son of Robert Kendall of Bellsfield who departed this life the 23 of April 1736 Aged 20. (verses? indistinct) Under Great stones My Bruised Limbs did lie, Whilst that my fame did flie (?) From the deep O(ne) life did save, In time hard Rock My Life did Crave.