North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Lewes


Lewes Grasmere

(E. urn Olt large square pedestal). Stranger, whoe'er thou art, If chance hath led thee to this lonely spot, or stealing pensively from pleasure's path, Thou lov'st to linger in these haunts of silence. Pause at this sacred shrine ; Here, 'neath this stone rests the cold dust of one whose ardent virtues and superior charms >From every mortal drew the meed of praise, In love and admiration. In Spring's bright morn of life While yet the rose blush flourished on her cheek, While hope's bland accents harmonized her soul, she drooped and languished, ungenial frost nipped the sweet bud as fresh and fair it grew, Sepulchering all its blossom; seven mournful Months she pressed the couch of death, The pale consumption changed her beauteous form, Corrosive mining all her strength within, (Drained) her warm heart (and bent) her to the gra(ve). Coat and Seal, London. (Parts in brackets, now ilegible, taken from local journal). (On the urn). To m, Louisa Ann the wife of James Wrigley Lewes and only daughter of John Clark Langmead Esquire and Louisa his wife of (Pl)ymouth, born 13th (faint ? 15) June 1790, and died 24th May 1812. (Round base of urn). Erected by T. died of Lancaster, her unknown friend, May 1847 (i.e. Thomas Dewhurst, Agent for the Traders Go.) (On separate stone W). Louisa Ann Lewes.