North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Ross


Ross Grasmere

(N. cross and stone edging). † I. H. S. In memory of William Ross of Manchester and Grasmere, who died December 14th 1872 aged 73 years. and whose remains are here laid awaiting the resurrection of the just.

Ross Heversham

(N). I. H. S. In affectionate remembrance of Alexander Ross of Levens who died 27 Oct. 1872 aged 72 years. also of the children of the above, Clara departed this life January 1847 aged 3 years. John died August 12, 1849 aged 12 years. , Alexander died 30 November 1853 aged 16 years. Frederick George died 2 April 1859 aged 19 years.