North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Jameson


Jameson Appleby St Michael

(E). To Memory of Elizabeth the Wife of Joseph Jameson of Crackenthorpe Who died April 19th 1824 In The 36th years. of Her Age. Also of the said Joseph Jameson who died October 21st 1841 Aged 68 years. Thomas their Son died October 7th 1829 Aged 7 years. Also of Agnes their Daughter who died May 6th 1842 Aged 27 years.

Jameson Brougham

(W. of path). To the memory of John Jameson of Moor Houes who died December . 16th 1769 aged 47 years.

Jameson Brougham

(W. of path, flat tomb). Sacred memory of John Jameson, son of John and Sarah Jameson of Moor Houses who died at Tynemouth Castle the 31st of March 1860 aged 25 years.

Jameson Brougham

(W. of path). Sacred memory of Richard Jameson who departed this life on the 4th day of February 1823 in the 63rd years. of his age. & of Margaret his daughter who died on the lst day of July 1805 aged 11 years. and 6 m. Also of Robert Bell his maternal uncle who died on the 3rd day of August 1801 in the 76th years. of his age. Also of Mary his wife who died on the 4th day of January 1836 aged 64 years. Also of William their son who died on the 1st day of February 1836 aged 38 years. And also of Richard their son who died on the 13th of April 1858 aged 66 years.

Jameson Brougham

(W. of path). In Memory of Sarah wife of John Jameson of Moor Houses, only child of Thomas and Elizabeth Gibson of Cumrew, who died 21st August 1876, aged 72 years. Also of the above John Jameson who died 21st August 1881 aged 90 years. Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto Eternal life.

Jameson Grasmere

(S). Sacred memory of Mary Steele, daughter of the late Reverend . Richard Steele of Langdale who departed this life the 28th day of September 1846 aged 86 years. Her life was truth. Also in m. Betty Jameson who died on the 26th day of June 1857 aged 74 years. Memory of S., B. J.

Jameson Long Marton

(E). Sacred memory of William Jameson of Longmarton, yeoman, who departed this life July l0th 1837 aged 68 years. also Hannah his wife who died January 6th 1873 aged 85 years. Joseph Jameson their son who died December 12th 1866 aged 58 years. also Mary his wife who died April 11th 1879 aged 75 years. William, son of William and Hannah Jameson who died in London March 20th 1870 aged 59 years. also Mary Jane daughter of Joseph and Mary Jameson, who died July 24th 1879 aged 31 years. also Mary daughter of William & Deborah Jameson who died August 11th 1871 aged 4 m.* * A window in the body of the Church, N. side, with figures of Faith, Hope, and Charity, is to the memory of the Jameson family. It bears no inscription. (Mr. Erskine.)