North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Allan


Allan Appleby St Michael

(S) To the memory of Robert, Son of Hugh and Elizabeth Allan of Crackenthrop, who died Decr. 4th 1799 Aged 13. Also William their Son who died May 18th 1780 Aged 2 Y.

Allan Asby

(E). Erected to the memory of Hannah Allan who died November . 30th, 1817, Aged 12 years.

Allan Dufton

(E). In memory of Christopher Allan of Burthwaite who died October 15th 1884 aged 64 years.

Allan Dufton

(S). In memory of William . Allen who died March 31, 1851 aged 66 years. Jane his wife who d. June 19, 1852 aged 67 years.

Allan Long Marton

(S. W). In affectionate remembrance of Eleanor daughter of William and Christabella Allan of Park House who died July 11th 1888 aged 13 years.

Allan Musgrave

(E). Sacred memory of Stephen Allan, Yeoman, Lane Foot, Gt. Musgrave, who died June 19th 1858 aged 79 years. Also of Ann Allan his wife who died September 25, 1836 aged 42 years. Also of Ann Allan his second wife who died August 27th 1846 aged 49 years.

Allan Ravenstonedale

In loving remembrance of Margaret wife of John Al1an of Bowderdale who died January 1st 1889 aged 58 years.

Allan Windermere

(In. S). Near this Place are deposited the remains of Robert Allan Esq. late Banker in Edinburgh, who was B. 27 November 1745 and died at Ferney Green in this Parish on the 19 day of July 1818 in his 73 years. Sincerely deplored by his affectionate family and friends.

Allan Windermere

(S. wall, rail). Robert Allan 1818. Helen third daughter of the above named Robert Allan and Widow of George Hoskins Esq. died on the 10th of May 1853 Aged 73 and was interred here.