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Westmorland Church Notes - Weymss


Weymss Appleby St Lawrence

(E). Frederick Weymss died April 1869.

Weymss Appleby St Lawrence

(E). In memory of Frederick Weymss Esqre. solicitor, who died on the 1st of April 1869 in the 72nd years. of his age. He availed himself of every opportunity to promote the interests of the borough of Appleby, to which he was much attached, and of his good will and charity the poor had many proofs. Nil non mortale tenemus, Pectoris (?) exceptis, ingeniique bonis.

Weymss Appleby St Lawrence

(In). In memory of James Weymss, born in the city of Edinburgh and for nearly 40 years an inhabitant of this borough. He died at peace with all mankind on the 10th of March 1839 in the 81st years. of his age. And s. also m. Mary Weymss his widow, a native of Shap in this County who died on the 5th of December 1853 in the 88th years. of her age and in the Blessed hope of Everlasting Life.

Weymss Appleby St Michael

( ). In memory of Thomas Barnett who died at London 1st June 1831, aged 43 years. , also Mary Ann, daughter of the above named Thomas Barnett & Margaret his wife who died at Kendal, 13th April 1821 aged 3 years. , also Jane their daughter, who died at Kendal, 7th April 1823 aged 2 years. and 10 m., also John William their Son,. Articled clerk to Fred. Weymss, Esq., Solicitor, Appleby, who died at Bongate, 11th November 1846 and interred here, Aged 22 years.