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Westmorland Church Notes - Blackett


Blackett Appleby St Michael

(S. brass). To the memory of Jeremiah Blackett, of Murton Bridge end, who died April 10th 1781 Aged 22, Who was a perfect example of virtue, A faithful Friend, And an agreeable Companion. Also Mary his wife Decbr. 25th 1772 Aged 62. Also Lancelot their son, Augt. 22, 1774 aged 37. Also John their eldest Son February 6th 1786 Aged 53. Also Mary their Granddaughter, July 9th 1784, Aged 9 years. Also Joseph their son who died January 21st 1800 aged 66, And Mary his Wife who died November . 20th 1805 Aged 58. Also of Stephen their Grandson who died May 20th 1838 Aged 18 years. Also of Jane their Granddaughter who died August 19th 1838 aged 14 years. Also of Thomas their Grandson died January 3, 1841 Aged 22 y. Stephen, Son of Joseph and Mary Blackett, who died April 15, 1845 aged 67 Y. Also of Sarah Blackett his relict who died at Hilton Hall, July 12th 1871, aged 91 years. , also of Rebecca their daughter who died February 8th 1880, aged 72 y.

Blackett Appleby St Michael

(S). To Memory of the Sons and Daughters of John & Mary Blackett, John died September . 13th 1763 Aged 17. George, December 17th 1791 Aged 37. Elizabeth Atkinson, February . 5th 1805 Aged 57. Robert, Mar. 29th 1805 aged 42. Jonathan, Augt. 27th 1807 aged 56. Jeremiah, September . 26th 1807 Aged 57. (Other side). To m. John Blackett, of Murton, who died September . 16,1785 Aged 80 years. Also Mary his Wife who died January 23rd 1822 aged 100. Also of Hannah their Daughter, Wife of James Bewsher, who died March 3rd 1831, aged Seventy one.

Blackett Long Marton

(E). In memory of Jeremiah Blackett of Bongate who departed this life July 23rd 1809 aged 33. Also of his daughter Ann who died an infant.