North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Bewsher


Bewsher Appleby St Lawrence

(S.) Sacred memory of William Bewsher of Appleby who died March 4th 1817 aged 87, also of Jane his wife who died December 27th 1812 aged 79, both deeply and justly lamented, also of James eldest son of the above William and Jane who died I. May 19th 1838 in the 83rd years. of his age.

Bewsher Appleby St Michael

(S). To Memory of the Sons and Daughters of John & Mary Blackett, John died September . 13th 1763 Aged 17. George, December 17th 1791 Aged 37. Elizabeth Atkinson, February . 5th 1805 Aged 57. Robert, Mar. 29th 1805 aged 42. Jonathan, Augt. 27th 1807 aged 56. Jeremiah, September . 26th 1807 Aged 57. (Other side). To m. John Blackett, of Murton, who died September . 16,1785 Aged 80 years. Also Mary his Wife who died January 23rd 1822 aged 100. Also of Hannah their Daughter, Wife of James Bewsher, who died March 3rd 1831, aged Seventy one.

Bewsher Barton

(S. Brass on flat stone). Here lies the Body of Catherine the wife of Thomas Bewsher of Tirrell who died April 8th 1746 Aged 63 years. Likewise the Body of Thomas Bewsher of Tirrell who died January 13th 1775 Aged 91 years.

Bewsher Barton

(S). In memory of John Bewsher of Sockbridge, who departed this life on the 27th of April 1845 aged 76 years. , also of Ann his wife who died Febr. 6th,1839 aged 74 years. Also of John Sykes Bewsher grandson of the above named who died on the 13th of April 1848 aged 4 years. (Other side). In Memory of John Bewsher of Tirril who departed this life Novr. 20th 1866 aged 64 years.

Bewsher Barton

(S). To the memory of Roger Bewsher of Barton Vicarage who died December the 8th 1788 aged 47 years. , also Mary Bewsher of Broad Ing his wife, who died February 1st 1813 aged 60 years.

Bewsher Barton

(S.4sides). In Memory of Thomas Bewsher of Pooley Bridge who died on the 17th September 1844 aged 65 years. Also of Mary the beloved wife of the above who died at Liverpool on the 18th July 1859 & was interred here on the 21st July aged 81 years. Charles Bewsher born February 23rd 1845 died August 15th 1847. Robert Bewsher b. September . 29th 1807, died November . 23rd 1875.

Bewsher Barton

(Square). In loving memory Thomas Bewsher of Penrith, B. 1lth Nov: 1781, died 22nd July 1846 and Elizabeth his wife, born 12th Oct. 1795 died 7th July l881. Sons, Rev: Thomas Bewsher LL.B. born 8th July 1821 died 27th Sep: 1874, William Bewsher born 1st Feb: 1826 died 12th Nov : 1880. Daughters, Elizabeth, wife of J. Ward Brunskell, born 22 December : 1829, died 20th June 1868, Mary wife of Reverend J. R. Moxon, B. 8th April 1824, died 25th July 1874.

Bewsher Orton

(N). In memory of Michael Bewsher of Orton who died August 22nd 1869 aged 73 and Dinah his wife who died June 22nd 1874 aged 70.