North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Elliot


Elliot Appleby St Michael

(N). In affectionate remembrance of Edward Elliot of Bongate, who died April 11th 1875, aged 75 y., also of Mary his wife who died June 11th 1878 aged 79 years. , also of Elizabeth their daughter who died June 10th 1854 aged 25 years. , also of Ann their daughter, who died June 25th 1883 aged 59 years. also of Edward their Son who died April 22nd 1887 aged 56 years.

Elliot Appleby St Michael

(W) In memory of Jane wife of John Elliot, who died June 17th 1855 Aged 63 years. , also of William Elliot their son who died February 27,1874 aged 50 years. and of the above John Elliot, the last of the family, who died January 18th 1883 aged 80 y-. "Such is life."

Elliot Brougham

(In. S. chancel). To Memory of The Lady Harriet Mary Frances Elliot second daughter of Gilbert, 1st Earl of Minto, who died at Brougham Hall in her way to Scotland on the 18th day of July A. died 1825 aged 35 years. (per the Rector).

Elliot Kendal

(E). A. Elliott died 30th April 1824 Aged 91. Catherine Elliott died 22nd January 1826 Aged 81.