North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Noble


Noble Appleby St Lawrence

(E). Robert Noble Esq. Captain in his Majesty's Royal Navy died April the 18th 1803 aged 70 years.

Noble Appleby St Michael

(N.W). In memory of John Noble of St. Nicholas Holm in this parish, who died on the 4 of July 1860, aged 76 years. Margaret his wife who died on the 20 of May 1860, aged 74 years.

Noble Askham

(In.8). Sacred memory of John Noble of Askham, who died I. July 14th 1847 aged 66 years. Also of Ann his wife, who died November . 13th 1856 aged 70

Noble Askham

(W. wall). In Memory of Robert Sewell of Askham who died November .5th 1778 aged 36 years. Also of Elizabeth his daughter who died September . 23rd 1788 aged 13 years. Also of John his son who died in his infancy. Also of Thomas his son who died May 5th 1797 aged 20 years. Also of John Dawson of Askham who died December 25th 1801 aged 55 y. Also of John his son who died Augt. 1st 1790 aged 2 years. Also of Mary his daughter wife of J. Noble who died December . 10th 1814 aged 33 years. Also of Isabella her (sic) Daughter who died an Infant. Also of Mark her Son who died September 20th 1810 aged 21 years. Also of Isabella widow of the above-named John Dawson who departed life on the 19 of April 1824 aged 71 years.

Noble Bampton

(S). Thy will be done. In Memory of Margaret Hodgson daughter of Thomas Noble of High How who died in Penrith February 9th 1867 aged 94 years.

Noble Bampton

(E. window). To the Glory of God, erected by Elizabeth Noble in Memory of her parents Thomas Noble of High How who died at Beckfoot Oct. 16th 1858 aged 83, and Ann his wife who died May 9th 1842 aged 67.

Noble Bampton

(Base of brass eagle Lectern). + Presented to Bampton Church by Jane Noble of Beckfoot 1885. +

Noble Bampton

(In. Choir N). To Memory of John Noble Esquire, son of Thomas and Agnes Noble of High How, who died in London on the 2nd of November 1816 in the 83rd years. of his Age, and lies interred in Finchley Church Yard Middlesex. A Benefactor of the interest of Five Hundred Pounds in the Consold. three Pr. Cents. to the Master of the Free Grammar School of the Parish and to his successors for ever. (Arms, above). Ar. on chief or (sic. should be gu.) lion passant guardant gu. (shd. be or) (N. of Reresby Co. Leic.) ; impaling 4ly (and per fess ind.) gu. and or I & 4 in chief maunch ar., in base acorn slipped and leaved of 2nd ; 2 & 3, 3, dragons heads couped sa. (shd. be of lst, Akerman of London). Crest, Eagle displayed or. (Noble).

Noble Bampton

(In Choir N). Sacred memory of William Noble of Foley Place London (son of Thomas and Margaret Noble of High How in this Parish) who departed this life on the 7th of June 1823, aged 78. The best of Fathers and the best of friends, she, for whom he joined those tender names erects this marble.

Noble Bampton

(4 Brasses on stone S. Wall). Here lies (sic) the remains of John Pearson who died the 9th of September 1786 Aged 68 years. Beloved saint it now avails thee not, By whom remembered or by whom forgot ; Though thou art dust, thy memory dear shall be To thy friends that's left at last to rest with thee. 2. Sacred memory of The Reverend Thomas Pearson, upwards of 31 years. Vicar of this Parish who died December l0th, A.D. 1833 Aged 75 years. 3. Sacred memory of Frances, Relict of the Reverend Thomas Pearson. She died October 4th, 1835 Aged 86 years. 4. Here Lyeth the Body of Michael Noble son of Michael and Agnes Noble of High Rough Hill, who departed this life the 21st Day of July Ano Dom 1731 in the 4th years. of his Age. Also Michael, Father to the above, who departed this life December . ye 15th 1768 aged 83

Noble Crosby Ravensworth

(S. alter tomb) . In memory of Elizabeth Jaques wife of Anthony Jaques of Lankaber who departed this life April the 2, 1729, aged 7….Y. A. …..her husband departed this life August the ………1732 Aged 7(6 or 0) years. Robert Jaques (son of) Anthony and Elizabeth departed this life September the 1(9)th 17.. John Jaques their Son Grandson of Anthony and Elizabeth departed this life November the (2)7th 1774 Aged 6….Y. Arabella Noble (a) Grand daughter to Anthony and Elizabeth departed this life June the 29th 1787 aged 7(4) years. (Elizabeth wife of Anthony Jaques, buried 2 Ap. 1729; Anthony Jaques of Lankaber buried 23 August 1732; (Mr.) John Jaques of Lankaber, single man bur. 27 November 1774; no burial entry in 1787. –Par. Reg).

Noble Heversham

(S). Here lyeth the Body of Joseph Noble who departed this life l0th of July, 1782 Æ. 62. He was a kind Friend, a tender Father, a loving Husband; his Wife hath placed this stone over him from a grateful remembrance of their past love. O ! cruel Death that wou'd no longer spare, Moving Husband, tender partner dear, Great is the loss to me now left behind, But I'm in hope eternal Joy he'll find.

Noble Kendal

(E. skull, cross bones, sand-glass.) Here lieth the Body of Eleanor Noble late wife of Richard Noble, Hosier In Stramongate who departed this life September 27, 1742 in the 35 years. of her Age. Also near this Place are Interred six of their children viz : Mark, Enos, Joseph, Benjamin, Elkanah and Dorothy. (Partly from Mr. Jennings' 1861 copy).

Noble Lowther

In loving memory Robert Noble of Lowther Village who died March 21st 1877 aged 61 years. Also of Mary his wife who died April 5th 1885 aged 68 years.

Noble Orton

(W. altar tomb). Elizabeth wife of John Noble of Borrow Bridge who died June 2nd 1845 aged 51 years. Also of the above-named John Noble who departed this life July 3rd 1853 aged 59 years. Also of Ann the beloved wife of James Day and only daughter of the above who died November 30th 1861, aged 42 years.

Noble Shap

In memory of Thomas Noble, of New Ing, Wet Sleddale, who died April 22nd 1875 aged 83 years. Also Deborah his wife, who died June 3rd 1877, aged 83 years. Also Lancelot their son who died February 22nd 1844, aged 46 years.