North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Gowling


Gowling Appleby St Michael

(N. W). I. H. S. In memory of Robert Gowling, stonemason, of Bongate, who died 14th February 1870 aged 49 years. , also of Elizabeth his sister who died 1st July 1839 aged 28, also Hannah who died 14th February . 1840 aged

Gowling Appleby St Michael

(S). Sacred memory of Ann the Wife of John Gowling, Stone Mason, of Bongate, who died June 26th 1820 Aged 40 years. Also John, the above, who died January 30th 1857 Aged 78 years. Also Thomas their Son Who died September . 17th 1820 Aged 9 years. George their Son who died April 11th 1822 Aged 6 years. And Ann who died in Infancy.

Gowling Asby

(W). In Memory of Elizabeth Gowling born May 6th, 1815, died July 17th 1874.

Gowling Kirkby Thore

(S). Erected in m. Thomas Gowling of Kirkby Thore who departed this life March 1, 1803 aged 74 years. also of Sarah his wife who died January 1st 1814 aged 64 years. , also of Lancelot Gowling who died December 9, 1808 aged 78y.

Gowling Newbiggin

(S). Sacred memory of Ann, wife of Robert Gowling, Mason, who departed this life June 9th 1820 aged 43 years. Also of Alice their daughter who died April 17th 1817 and of George their son who died March 11th 1820, both Infants.

Gowling Newbiggin

(S). Life how short, Eternity how long. In memory of Ann, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Gowling of Newbiggin who died January 4th 1834 aged 9 years. Also Thomas their son who died December 27th 1845 aged 20 years. Adieu, dear friends, dry up your tears; I here must sleep till Christ appears, When Christ appears, I hope to have A joyful rising from my grave.