North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Morland


Morland Appleby St Michael

(N. W). I. H. S. In memory of Robert Gowling, stonemason, of Bongate, who died 14th February 1870 aged 49 years. , also of Elizabeth his sister who died 1st July 1839 aged 28, also Hannah who died 14th February . 1840 aged 31, and of Matthew Morland who died 25th July 1844 aged 38, also Eleanor his wife late Gowling who died 24th July 1869 aged 55, also Elizabeth their daughter who died 29th Janry. 1870 aged 27, also Elizabeth Ann, daughter of William and Ann Nelson who died 17 March 1855 aged 6 m.

Morland Kendal

(In. N.) In Memory of Thomas Holme Esquire, Senior Alderman of this Burgh, And one of his Majesty's Justices of ye Peace for the County of Westmorland Who d. 14th March 1782: Aged 71. Also of Elizabeth his Wife, daughter of Jacob Morland of Capplethwaite Esquire; Who died 12 April 1783, Aged 70, also Two of their Children, Margaret, who died 20 Mar. 1741 An Infant and Mary, who died 16 Octr. 1753, Aged 10. (A rms, per pale, argent 2 bends sable, on a canton of the last a chaplet of roses or. sinister, sable a griffin rampant or. Crest missing).

Morland Kendal

(In. W). Near this Place are deposited the Remains of William Matson of Titup ; in the County of Lancaster Esqr. ; who departed this life the 4th day of February 1764 aged 45. Also the Remains of Ann, his wife the 2nd daughter of Jacob Morland of Capplethwaite Esqr. ; who died the 28th Day of July 1791 aged 83. Arms, or, cross patte sa. within gold border, impaling sa. griffin segreant wings displayed or.

Morland Kirkby Stephen

John Morland of Rookby died January 24th 1786 aged 73, Isabel his wife died December . 9th 1805 aged 66, their dau. Eleanor died April 3d 1770 aged 5, Eleanor died January 1st, 1780 aged 8, Isabella died December . 7th 1783 aged 9, Sarah died July 5th 1803 aged 33. Two of their trebling sons died Henry November . 19th and Robert December . 7th 1783 aged 6 years.

Morland Ravenstonedale

(S). In memory of Isabel daughter of the late John Morland of Stouphillgate, and wife of George Spencer who died at Coldbeck in this parish October 1st 1869 aged 81 years. Also of the above-named George Spencer aged 73 died July 20th 1874.

Morland Ravenstonedale

(S). Sacred memory of John Morland late of Stouphill Gate, Ravenstonedale, who departed this life March 9th 1829 aged 81 years. Also of Ann his wife who died October 16th 1829 aged 77 years. Also of Thomas their second son who died February 19th, 1843 aged 59 years. Also of Anthoney (sic) their eldest son who died May 14, 1860 aged 82 years. Also of Elizabeth their 6th daughter who died at Town the 9th August 1865 aged 79 y