North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Baxter


Baxter Appleby St Michael

(W). In m: Jane wife of John Hardy, who died at Harbour Flatt, August 28, 1839 aged 34 years. , also Jane their eldest daughter, who died at Ashton in Mackerfield, February 1st 1846 aged 15(or, 13) years. , Elizabeth Ann who died at Ashton June 13th 1856 aged 22 years. , Mary the youngest daughter died at Ashton September 8th 1856 aged 17 years. Also Fanny the last surviving daughter, who died at Ashton January 27th 1859, aged 23 years. , also the said John Hardy who died at Ashton September 15th 1859 aged 50 years. , also Isaac Baxter late of Blencairn, who died at Ashton January 21st 1871 aged 40 years.

Baxter Kendal

(W. altar tomb formerly railed. On side). In Memory of James Baxter, late an Alderman of this Burgh, who died June 26th, 1737, Aged 37, Also of Joyce Baxter, his Wife who died in the year 1737, Aged 38, Also of James their Son, who died an Infant. (On top). .In Memory of William Baxter, late of Kendal who died January 31st, 1798, Aged 67. Also of Agnes his Wife who died April 4th, 1775, Aged 38, and of John Baxter, late of Kendal, Surgeon, who died October 3d, 1758, Aged 30, and Phillis his Wife who died December 28th, 1793, Aged 69. Also of Agnes Baxter who died December 27th, 1768, Aged 34, and of Margaret Baxter who died November 27th, 1795, aged 63, Sisters to the above William Baxter.

Baxter Shap

(E. two brasses on stone). 1. Here lieth the Body of William Baxter of Shapp who was inter'd Denember the 9th Anno Domini 1713 Ætatis suæ 74. Here lieth also the body of George Fothergill of Shapp who was inter'd May the 9th Anno Domini 1714 ætatis suæ 78. 2. Here lie also the Bodies of Henry Fothergill and Eleanor his wife and Thomas their eldest son. Eleanor September 13th 1749 84 Henry Died May 21st 1752 Aged 87 Thomas November . 13th 1752 48