North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Herd


Herd Appleby St Lawrence

(E). In memory of John Herd of Appleby who died August l0th 1827 aged 54 years. also Sarah his wife who died February 23rd 1856 aged 78 years. & Sarah their daughter who died April 12th 1822 aged 6 years. & Hannah their daughter who died Oct. 31st. 1847 aged 35 years. also Robert, son of F. Memory of Dinwoodie surgeon, of Appleby who died March 3rd 1857 aged 18 years. also William . son of the above F. Memory of Dinwoodie who died June 6th 1866 aged 20 years. In memory of Lawrence Adamson Esq. who died April Ist. 1848 aged 45 years. also F. Memory of Dinwoodie who died Ju!y 13th 1865 aged 52 years.

Herd Appleby St Michael

(N.E). Sacred memory of John Herd who died at Bongate House, March 30th, 1874, aged 58 years. "In the midst of life we are in death." Also of John William son of the above who died August 3rd, 1885, aged 35 years. and of Marie Louise Justina his wife, who died at Bury, April 23rd, 1886,aged 32 years.

Herd Heversham

(N. flat stone). Here lie the Remains of William Herd of Milnthorpe who departed life the 19th of April 1822 Aged 64 years. Also sacred memory of Alice, Relict of the above who died the 3rd day of December 1843 in the 85th years. of her Age at the House of Her Son-in-Law Richard Fothergill Esqre., Tredegar Iron Works, and lies interred at the Parish Church of Bedwelty, Monmouthshire. In loving remembrance John Jackson Forshaw who died May 23rd 1881 aged 40 years. It is the Lord, let him do what seemeth him good. 1 Sam. III. 18.

Herd Kirkby Lonsdale

(W. altar tomb). Near this Stone are Interred the Remains of Leonard Weatherhead who died at Keastwick March the 21St 1774 Aged 50 years. Also of Alice his Wife who departed this life March the 26th 1802 Aged 87 years. Once did I bow as thou dost now; And view'd the dead as thou dost me In time thou'lt be as low as I, And some will stand and gaze on thee ! Also the Remains of James Herd who departed this life October the 5th 1806 Aged 81 years. Remember, Man, as thou walk'st by As thou art now, so once was I, As I am now, so must thou be, Prepare for Death; and follow me !