North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Rowlandson


Rowlandson Appleby St Lawrence

(E). Sacred memory of John 2nd son of John & Jane Rowlandson, who died at Appleby on the l0th of February 1870, aged 23 years. Also of the above named John Rowlandson, who died 2nd July 1884, aged 82 years.

Rowlandson Bampton

(E). I. H. S. Sacred memory of John Rowlandson, Yeoman, of Knipe, who died the 16th of May 1837 Aged 64 years. Also of Mary his Wife who died the 6th of December 1850 aged 75 years. "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." Ps.90. v.12.

Rowlandson Bampton

(E). Sacred memory of Thomas Rowlandson of Drybarrows who departed life on the 16th day of July 1833, Aged 69 years. Also of Dorothy his Wife who died June 26th 1848 aged 83 Y.

Rowlandson Burton In Kendal

(W). In affectionate remembrance of John Rowlandson of Priest Hutton who died December 26th 1875 aged 71 years. "Present with the Lord."

Rowlandson Crosby Garrett

(S). In Memory of Peter Rowlandson who died December 9th 1862 Aged 89 years. Also of Jane his Wife who died November 21st 1844 Aged 72 years. Also of their two Sons Peter who died May 19th 1829 Aged 19 years. And Isaac who d. Oct.28th 1829 Aged 25 years. Also Thomas brother of Peter Rowlandson Senr who died December 24th 1862 Aged 83 years.

Rowlandson Crosby Garrett

(N). In Memory of Thomas son of Peter and Jane Rowlandson who died July l0th 1863 Aged 56 years. All ye that come my grave to see, As I am now so you must be, Therefore repent, make no delay. For I was suddenly called away.

Rowlandson Grasmere

(E. altar tomb). Here lie the remains of the Reverend Edwd. Rowlandson, Minister of this Parish for nearly 50 years. He died January 20, 1811 aged 77. AIshere lie the remains of Mary, Widow of the late Reverend . Edward Rowlandson, who died on the 13th Day of February 1817 In the 76th years. of her Age.

Rowlandson Kendal

(W). In memory of Richard Rowlandson, of this town who died September 9th 1819 aged 39 years. , also of Agnes, Betsy, and Mary, children of the above, who died in their infancy, also of Eleanor Rowlandson, Widow of the above died March 4th 1855 aged 73 years.

Rowlandson Shap

(S). Erected by John Rowlandson of Shap in m. Isabella his Wife who died November 14th 1840 aged 65 years. Also of John their Son who died April 13th 1843 aged 33 years.

Rowlandson Shap

S. m. the Reverend . John Rowlandson xxxviii. years. vicar of this parish who died at Bowness the 28th day of June 1857 aged 64 years. This tablet was erected by a few of his friends & parishioners.