North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Lawson


Lawson Appleby St Lawrence

(N.E). In memory of Ann the beloved wife of William Lawson of Appleby who died November 16th 1868 aged 61 years. Also of the above William Lawson who died Oct. 13th 1885 in the 88th years. of his age.

Lawson Appleby St Lawrence

(S.W). Sacred memory of William Lawson, innkeeper, Appleby, who died August 8th 1820 aged 75 y Ann his wife who died January 16th 1822 aged 61 years. William their son who died Janry 20th 1816 aged 26 years. Robert their son who died Augst 7th 1853 aged 57 years.

Lawson Appleby St Michael

(N.E). I. h. s. In affectionate remembrance of Andrew Lawson of Murton who died May 13th 1881 aged 56. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Lawson Appleby St Michael

"They shall mount up with wings as eagles." Isaiah xl. 31 v. In I. Memory of Eliza Jane daughter of the late Charles Lucius Lawson of Kensington, London, who died at Hilton, May 3rd 1885 aged 56 years. and of Francis Paul Frederick her brother who also died at Hilton, April 3rd 1849 aged 18 years.

Lawson Asby

(N). In memory of Benjamin Lawson of Asby, who died September . 24th, 1873, aged 85 years. Also William his son who died April 14th, 1873, aged 24 years.

Lawson Heversham

(In. chancel N). This tablet is placed by his parishioners and friends in a. remembrance of the Reverend George Lawson Memory of A. formerly fellow of Trinity College Cambridge, and upwards of forty four years. Vicar of Heversham, he died June 4 184Z aged 77. " The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon him; and he caused the widow's heart to sing with joy."

Lawson Heversham

(E. pyramid of four sides on pedestal). (1). In memory of John Young Esqr. the oldest Son of Col. James Young and many years. a beloved inmate of the Vicarage. His death in 1836 at the Age of 27 was sudden as a warning to others to be equally ready. (2). Inter arbores aliis pro- futuras quas A.D. 1800 posuit ipse hic jacet quod mortale fuit Georgii Lawson Ec(clesire) hujus plus quadruginta annis Vicarii, dehinc autem meliora petentis. Obiit A.D. 1842 Ætatis77. (3). Behind this cold Memorial lie the Remains of Henrietta Lawson, as a Wife and Mother affectionate, and to the needy bountiful. She d. November . A.D. 1825 Aged 55.

Lawson Kirkby Stephen

(In. S. brass). In affectionate remembrance of Maria Hopper, born at Brough 1st January 1817 who died at Brayton 17th April 1879 and was buried there. For twenty six years. a faithful and much loved nurse in the. families of Edward Fenwick Boyd Esq. of Moor House, Durham, William Cuthbert Esq. of Beaufront Castle, Northumberland, and Sir Wilfrid Lawson Bart. of Brayton, Cumberland, This Tablet was erected to her memory by the members of those families. Her virtues walked their narrow round, nor made a pause, nor left a void, And sure the Eternal Master found her single talent well employed.

Lawson Lowther

S. m. Robert Lawson of Lowther Low Moor and late of Wetheral, Cumberland, who departed this life February 1, 1860 aged 39 years. Also of William Gilkerson Lawson who died in infancy Oct. 2lst 1859.