North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Longrigg


Longrigg Appleby St Lawrence

(N.E). In memory of John Longrigg youngest son of John & Margarett Longrigg who died February 21st 1868 aged 13.

Longrigg Appleby St Lawrence

(N.E). In loving memory Margaret wife of John Longrigg of Appleby born June 25th 1818 died March 11th 1884. Also of Dean Longrigg, Surgeon, their son born September 6, 1845 died August 22, 1883 who ,was interred at Plaxtol, Kent.

Longrigg Appleby St Michael

(N). In affectionate remembrance of Isabella Longrigg daughter of Joseph & Isabella Longrigg who died 27th December 1866 aged 3 years. & 8 m., also Elizabeth Mary the beloved daughter of Thomas & Mary Longrigg, Battlebarrow, Appleby, who died on the lst of October 1870 aged 8 years. , also of Mary the beloved wife of Thomas Longrigg of Battlebarrow, Appleby, wh died on the 30th of April 1875 aged 43 years. Also of Joseph Tyson Longrigg their son who died December 28th 1882 aged 18 years. (Other side). In memory of Joseph Longrigg of Bongate, who died March 29th 1865 aged 84 years. , also of George his son, who died March 23rd 1824 aged 9 m. Ellen Longrigg died December . 10th 1835 aged 2 years. 11 m. Mary, relict of Joseph Longrigg died June 4th 1875 aged 86 years. also of Joseph Longrigg of the Commercial Hotel, Appleby, who died on the l2th of August 1875 aged 59 years. "The Lord gave & the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord."