North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Patterson


Patterson Appleby St Michael

(S. W). To m.Ann the Wife of Matthew Mattinson who died April 18th 1792 Aged 50 years. Also Thomas the Son of Matthew Mattinson who died November . 1790. Also his Daughter Margaret Patterson, Wife of William Patterson who died February . 21st 1819 Aged 50, also Matthew Mattinson, husband and father of the above, who departed this life on the 21st of January 1827 aged 89 y, Our bodies we to earth resign Our Souls to Providence divine

Patterson Brough

(S). In Memory of Ann Wife of Matthew Patterson, Brough Sowerby, who died November 7th 1857 aged 69 years. Also of the said Matthew Patterson who died May 6th 1872 aged 78 years.

Patterson Heversham

(N. flat tomb). Here rests the body of Robert Patterson who died August 1870, also of Margaret his wife who died June 4th, 1872. If Thou Lord shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand ? But there is forgiveness with thee.

Patterson Warcop

(E.) In memory of William Addison who died November . 8th 1834 æ. 68 years. Also Elizabeth his wife died May 21st 1851 æ. 75 years. David Patterson their Grandson died February 12, 1835 æ. 1 m. Also David Patterson of Copland Beck who died April 7th 1867 aged 67 years. Elizabeth Addison his wife died April 6th 1860 aged 52 years. Margaret their daughter died at Ancanra in America Oct. 20, 1854 aged 22 years.

Patterson Warcop

(E). Life how short, Eternity how long. In memory of Ann wife of David Patterson Obiit the III day of June 1800 Æat. 68 years.