North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Sanderson


Sanderson Appleby St Lawrence

(N.E). In memory of William Sanderson, of Appleby, who died April 24th, 1868, aged 57 years. Also Mary his wife, who died the 25th January 1879, aged 73 years.

Sanderson Bampton

(N). In Memory of William Sanderson who died November . 28th 1862 Aged 38 years. Also of Robert Harrison Sanderson his Son, who died December . 18th 1862 Aged 3½ years. The sweet remembrance of the just Shall flourish though they sleep in Dust.

Sanderson Barton

(W. brass on stone). In memory of William Sanderson of Sockbridge who departed this life 8th February 1836 aged 54, who by a Codicil to his will dated 2nd February 1836 bequeathed to the. Vicar & Churchwardens of the parish of Barton, for the time being the sum of one hundred pounds in trust for the use of the Village School then at Tirril, for the instruction of the poor children of the several villages of Sockbridge, Tirril, Thorpe, & Yanwath, the annual interest of which sum of one hundred pounds to be paid to the teacher of such school for its better maintenance & to enable those poor children whose parents are not able to pay for their education to receive religious, moral and useful instruction. Also of John Sanderson who departed this life 26 Janry 1856 aged 80.

Sanderson Brough

(S). In Memory of Thomas Sanderson, died February 27th 1807 Aged 70 years. Phillis Sanderson died February 9th .18I9 aged 43 years. Ann Sanderson died April 3rd 1820 aged 77 years. William Sanderson died March 2nd 1821 aged 51 years. Jane Sanderson died September l0th 1824 Aged 53 years. Ann Sanderson died December . 31st 1837 Aged 56 years. Also Mary King died July 24th 1853 Aged 68 years. All of Borren House, Stainmore. And of Thomas Dalston, Late surgeon, of Brough who departed this life January 24th 1870 Aged 49Y. Also Thomas Dalston, son of the above, who died May 31st 1877 Aged 17 years.

Sanderson Clifton

(S.) Here lies interred the Body of Christopher Sanderson son of the Reverend Mr. Christopher Sanderson Vicar of Bramba (sic) in Yorkshire who departed this life 29th day of November 1761 aged 31 years.

Sanderson Dufton

(S). died Ann the wife of Christopher Sanderson November . 28th 1765 aged 34 years. (Verses, illegible).

Sanderson Kirkby Lonsdale

(N). Sacred memory of John Sanderson of Low Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale who died 25th December 1859 aged 82 years. also of Juliet his first wife who died 29th January 1827 aged 44 years. and of Mary his second wife who died 3rd May 1852 aged 69 years.

Sanderson Kirkby Thore

(S. near porch). In. Memory of John Dobson who died ye 22 October 1712 aged years. 59. Also in m. William Sanderson who died January 17, 1743 aged 63 years.

Sanderson Kirkby Thore

(S. W). In affectionate remembrance of William Joseph Sanderson of Kirkby Thore who died July 30th 1881 aged 24 years.

Sanderson Long Marton

(E) . To the memory of Henry Atkinson of Longmarton who died February 5, 1849 aged 73 years. also of Elizabeth his wife who died September 5, 1864 aged 81 years. also of John their son who died March 11, 1817 aged 5 years. also of Isabella their daughter who died Feb. 25, 1836 aged 6 years. also of J ane their daughter the wife of Carrick Sanderson who died August 25th 1853 aged 27 years. also of Joseph Henry their son who died November 27, 1853 aged 3 m. Richard their son who died December 1869 aged 62 years. Sarah their daughter who died May 3, 1870 aged 52 years.

Sanderson Long Marton

(N). In memory of William Sanderson of Brampton who died May 17th 1849 aged 64 years. Also Mary his wife who died December 14th, 1878 aged 85 years. Also William their son who died at Dorchester, North America, September . 11th 1872 aged 50 years. And of Edward Hunter who died at Long Marton January 28th 1868 aged 51 years.

Sanderson Newbiggin

(S). In affectionate remembrance of George Sanderson, who died September . 11th 1852, aged 75y. Also of Margaret his wife, who died March 26th 1860, aged 76 years. Also of Mary their daughter who died December 23rd 1838, aged 26 years. Also of Elizabeth, wife of John, their son, who died September . 6th 1856, aged 36 years. Also of the above named John Sanderson who died in Queensland Australia, November 17th 1870, aged 50 years.

Sanderson Orton

In memory of Thomas Sanderson, yeoman, of Raw End, who died September 10, 1871, aged 74 years. also of Elizabeth his beloved wife who died at Throstlegrove Slyne December 22, 1886 aged 83 years. And John son of the above who died September 20,1845 aged 2 years.