North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Parsley


Parsley Appleby St Michael

(N). In loving memory James Parsley, who died at Hilton dec. 28, 1858, aged 56 years. , also of Susannah his wife who died May 21st, 1883, aged 82 years. , also of Adam their Son, who died at Brackenber March 16th, 1867, aged 24 years. , also of Thomas their son who died at Langton November 17th, 1872, aged 43 years. , also of Joseph their son who died at Hilton March l0th, 1873, aged 42 years.

Parsley Dufton

(E). In memory of Dorothy Dodd who died at Langton December 12, 1847 aged 72 years. , also her grandson William Parsley who died August 15,1850 aged 26 years. "Then he put forth his hand & took her (the dove) & pulled her in unto him into the ark." In prime of life with all his promise fair, Has sought the grave to rest for ever there.