North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Raisbeck


Raisbeck Appleby St Michael

(Found under W. floor of church, 1885; to be placed, 1887, In. W). Memory of R. 1719, J. R. Coroner, 1721. Here lies the Body of Josiah Raisbeck, who died March the 5th A.D. 1757, Aged 80 years. Also his Wife Jane who died February the 4th A.D. 1758.* * A paternal aunt of General Be1lasis. See Tindal-Atkinson's "Worthies."

Raisbeck Long Marton

(E. wall of chancel). In memory of his father George Bellas who died in the 81st years. of his age 1736, and of his mother Elisabeth who died in her 86th years. this stone was layed by their son Joseph A.D. 1743 who died July 2d. 1766 aged 76, and Margaret his wife who died June 21st, 1787 aged 87. (4 brasses on stone 1792 & 1889). 1, On the 1st June 1792 the ancient Family surname of Bellasis was duly registered at the College of Arms. 2. Propitietur Deus Mariæ sorori natu maximæ Josephi predicti necnon uxori Thomæ Monkhouse de Fieldhead in parochiâ de Burgh infra Stainmore et nuptæ in hâc Ecclesiâ S. Margaritæ A.D. 1702. 3. Propitietur Deus Joannre, sorori natu minimæ Josephi predicti necnon uxori Josiæ Raisbeck de Battleburgh in parochiâ vicinâ S. Michælis, et baptizatæ in hâc Ecclesiâ S. Margaritæ A.D. 1688. 4. In memory of the sisters of the Reverend G. Bellasis, died D., Rector of Yattendon & Vicar of Basilden & Ashampstead, Berks, Elizabeth wife of the Reverend William Kilner, Rector of Dufton, born 30 Oct. 1728 at Long Marton died æt. 89; Emma wife of the Reverend Nathaniel Springett, B.A., of Brasenose College, Oxford, born 26 December 1732 at Long Marton, died æt. 61 ; Hannah, wife of Thomas Crosby of Kirkby Thore, born 11 June 1735 at Long Marton, died æt. 81, and Margaret, wife of John Hill of Crackenthorpe, born 4 June 1738, died æt.79. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Mary wife of Hugh Bellasis died July 16th 1819 aged 73 years. Hugh Bellasis son of Joseph died January 21st 1825 aged 85 years. Joseph son of John and Hannah Bellasis died Oct. 19, 1816 aged 25 weeks. Daniel, son of John and Hannah, died March 26th 1826 aged 4 years. William, son of John and Hannah, died August 8th 1827 aged 12 years. Jane daughter of John and Hannah. died January 19, 1835 aged 8. John, son of John and Hannah, died June 21st 1848 aged 24 years.

Raisbeck Ravenstonedale

(W). In memory of Matthew Wilkinson, Clerk of this Parish, who died March 23, 1794 aged 67. Of Isabel his Wife who died February 7, 1801 aged 72. Of Mary their daughter the Wife of Robert Raisbeck who died May 20, 1781 aged 26. Of Thomas Fawcett, Husband of their daughter Elizabeth who died December 6, 1805 aged 56. Of Robert their Grandson the Son of John and Jane Wilkinson who died June 30,1792 aged 10 years.