North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Sawer


Sawer Appleby St Michael

(N. W). In memory of .Isabella wife of James Sawer of Bank End who died June 15th 1842 aged 58 years. , also Mary their daughter who died March 18th 1851 aged 34 years. , also the above named James Sawyer who died December 20th 1851 aged 70 years. , also Thomas their eldest son who died May 20th 1853 aged 44 years. , James the only Son of the above Thomas Sawer who died at 81 S. Paul's Road, London, on .the 15th day of August 1876 aged 25 years. , interred in Morland churchyard, also Isabella the widow of the above Thomas Sawyer who died at Morland September 8th 1882 aged 71 y.

Sawer Warcop

(S). Sacred memory of John Sawer Senr. of Warcop who died July 5th 1859 aged 81 years. Aslo (sic) Isabella Sawer his Wife who died June 29th 1859 aged 84 years. Thomas Sawer their Son died May 15th 1804 aged 22 weeks. Francis Sawer their 5th daughter died January 5th 1819 aged 2 years. Elizabeth Sawer their 3rd daughter died January 7th 1819 aged 13 years.

Sawer Warcop

(W). Sacred memory of John Sawer.Junr. of Warcop who died May 17th 1862 aged 54 years. Also of Mary his wife who died October 6th 1867 aged 54 years.