North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Addison


Addison Appleby St Lawrence

(S. W). To the memory of Elizabeth, wife of Robert Addison of Colby, who died June 23, 1805, aged 39 years. also of their three daughters, Elizabeth who died June 1803, aged 18 years. Anne who died July . . . . aged 16 years. Mary who died . . . . 18 years.

Addison Appleby St Lawrence

(S. W). To the memory of Robert Addison of Colby who departed this life September . 28th, 1826, aged 66 years.

Addison Brough

(E). S. in Memory of Mary Addison died February 20th 1847 Aged 78 years. Also Richard Addison died Oct. 11th 1852 Aged 66 years.

Addison Heversham

(S). Sacred memory of John Addison of Beathwaite Green, who died February 3rd, 1836 Aged 87 years. Also of Elizabeth Addison his Wife who died August 15th 1819 Aged 65 years. Erected by their Son-in-law William Crayston.

Addison Kirkby Lonsdale

(In. S). Sacred memory of Thomas Batty, Esq. who born at Burrow, the 29th September 1717 & died at Preston 24th January 1781, and lies interr'd near the foot of this Wall. His only Child Agnes the Wife of John Addison of Preston erected this Monument in grateful Remembrance of his departed Worth.

Addison Kirkby Stephen

In memory of William Addison, who died February 23rd 1822 aged 88, also Ann his wife who died March 19th 1803 aged 66, also Isabella Addison their daughter who died February 23rd 1824 aged 56, also John Addison their son who died April 5th 1851 aged 81.

Addison Orton

I.H.S. In loving memory John Addison formerly of Appleby, born December 14, 1815, died Oct. 26, 1886. Watch & Pray. Also Mary sister of the above, born May 30, 1809,d. September 22, 1889.

Addison Warcop

(E.) In memory of William Addison who died November . 8th 1834 æ. 68 years. Also Elizabeth his wife died May 21st 1851 æ. 75 years. David Patterson their Grandson died February 12, 1835 æ. 1 m. Also David Patterson of Copland Beck who died April 7th 1867 aged 67 years. Elizabeth Addison his wife died April 6th 1860 aged 52 years. Margaret their daughter died at Ancanra in America Oct. 20, 1854 aged 22 years.