North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Chorley


Chorley Heversham

(In. W. winddow). S. + Matthaus (and angel), S. + Peter (with keys and book), S. + Marcus (and lion). + St. Johannes + St. Paul (with sword and book). + S. Luca (and bull). Arms: ar. chevron gu. between 3 blue bottle flowers ppr. (Chorley of Lanc. and Kent), Coll. Arms: died 18, 103. Arms: Ermine on fess sa. 3 pheons ar. (Atkinson) Coll. Arms, Dugdale. Arms : Sa. 3 swams ar. webbed and beaked gu. (Walton) Coll. Arms c 37, 94, 157, 162. died 18, 103; C. F. B., A. died 1870. (Under W. window). To the Glory of God. The ancient Tower of this Church having become unsafe was taken down and rebuilt at the sole charge of Frank Atkinson Argles Esquire and Susannah his wife in the years. of our Lord 1869-1870. +.