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Westmorland Church Notes - Clegg


Clegg Heversham

(S. altar tomb, rails). Sacred memory of William Bindloss of Deepthwaite who died 27th April 1841 Aged 74 years. S. also to the memory of Alice Bindloss, relict of the above who d. 13th February . 1844 Aged 68 years. And of their children viz, Elizabeth Bindloss who died 21st November , 1806 Aged 4 years. , Emma Bindloss, who died 22nd April 1823 aged 4 years. , Robert Johnson Bindloss who died 11th May 1830 Aged 17 years. Susanna Clegg who died 20th September . 1832 Aged 28 years. William Bindloss who died l0th March 1835 Aged 35 years. Richard Story Bindloss who died 8th July 1842 Aged 31. Alice Bindloss who died 1st September . 1844 Aged 36 years. Mary Cartmel who died 6th November . 1850 Aged 44 y, Dorothy Stoddart who died January l0th 1861 Aged 45 years.