North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Bolton


Bolton Askham

(In. S. transept, W). To Memory of Edward Bolton, Esqr. of Askham Hall, ob. 25 Jan. 1803 æt. 69, was buried in Preston Church, Lancashire, where lie the Remains, also of his wife Elizabeth (Gorst) ob. 25 March, 1799 æt. 72; and of their only son and issue James ob. 19 September 1783, æt. 19. "Who said to corruption thou art my Father, to the worm thou art my Mother and my sister." JOB.

Bolton Heversham

(N). In memory of Ann Bolton daughter of John and Betty Bolton of Levens who died July 9th 1840 Aged 13 years. also Elizabeth Bolton who died November . 19th 1848 Aged 15 y,

Bolton Heversham

(N) In memory of John Bolton of Levens who died 15th of February 1869 Aged 78 years. Also of Betty Bolton the affectionate Wife of the above, who died 27th February 1871 Aged 68 years. Also of William Bolton who died 27th December 1867 Aged 44y. Also of Thomas Bolton who died 1st April 1868 Aged 38 years.

Bolton Windermere

(W. altar tomb, rail). In the vault beneath are deposited the remains of John Bolton Esquire of Liverpool and of Storrs Hall in this Parish. B. at Ulverston 22nd March 1756 died at Liverpool 21st Feyb. 1837. Also of Elizabeth his wife daughter of Henry Littledale, Esqre. B. at Whitehaven 19th of November 1768, died at Storrs Hall 22nd of September 1848.