North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Sutton


Sutton Askham

(S. With 2 Brasses on stone). 1, Underneath lies interred Thomas Bowman of Askham who departed this life February 3rd 1799 Aged 65 years. Also Margaret Ritson his first wife who died May 4th 1773 aged 37 years. And Mary their daughter who died September . 2nd 1780 Aged 18 years. Death no respect of Age or Order makes, But child or Parent undistinguish'd takes. Oh! be prepared then all of every age, Warn'd or unwarn'd, to quit this troubled stage. God's gracious Promise in his Rest to dwell Is not to live long but doing well. 2, In Memory of William Bowman of Askham who died April 28th 1829 aged 58 years. Also Ann the wife of William Sisson who died December . I4th 1827 aged 33 years. Also Deborah the wife of Richard Sutton who died June 24th 1829 aged 23 years. Also Jane Bowman who died March 30th 1831 aged 26 years. Also Edmund Bowman who died February 21st 1833 aged 26 years. Also Deborah Bowman died at Forest Hill June 30th 1856 aged 84 years. Also Richard Bowman died at Tycooly, Ireland, September . 26th 1871 aged 58 years. (Other side) Remember now as you go-by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so must you be, Prepare then for Eternity. "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement." Hebrews ix, 27. To Die! The Christian does not die – Who lives to Christ alone, But lives eternally, Through what his Saviour's done.

Sutton Bampton

(School Wall adjoining churchyard). Impensis Civium London. Authore Thoma Sutton S. Th. died libera hacc Schola Gramat. fundata est Anno Dom. 1623.* * Born at Bampton, Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford; and drowned at sea between Newcastle and London See "Athen. Oxon." I 407-8.

Sutton Beetham

(W). Sacred memory of Joseph Sutton, who died February 4th 1870 in the 65th years. of his age. Nothing in our hands we bring, Simply to thy cross we cling.

Sutton Grasmere

(N. two flat tombs, rails). 1. Here lie the remains of Agnes Sutton late Servant of Samuel Barber of Cottage in Grasmere. She departed this life the 15th day of October 1812 Aged 68. 2. S. Barber Esq. died 6th March 1832.