North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Dowker


Dowker Heversham

(S. flat tomb). Here lieth the body of Richard Dowker of Milnthorp who died the 19th day of May 1732 in the 52nd years. of his age, also Elizabeth his wife who died the 7th of June 1745 in the 65th years. of her age, also Dorothy, Thomas, James and John their grand children. Dorothy died the 13th of November 1741, Thomas died the 23rd of November 1741, James died the 25th of May 1746, John died the 6th of October 1746.

Dowker Kendal

(In. W). Sacred memory of Elizabeth Carus, daughter of the late James Dowker Esqr. who died 1. January 16th 1804 Aged 52 years. also of Dorothy Dowker her Sister who died May 15th 1831 Aged 82 years.

Dowker Kendal

(In. N). To Memory of James Dowker, Late of Kendal Esquire who died August 21,1786 aged 66; and of his eldest Son John Dowker who died May 23, 1787 aged 30; And of his youngest Son Thomas Dowker who died August 19, 1786 aged 24. His second and only surviving Son, The Reverend James Dowker; A.M. erected this Monument, And died 19th October 1789 Aged 28 years. Jane Dowker Widow of ye above named Jas. Dowker Esqr. died 9th March 1794 Aged 71. Arms, ar. fess wavy between 3 sheldrakes sa. Crest, arm ppr. holding fish.

Dowker Kendal

(In. N). Sacred memory of Jackson Harrison Esqr. one of the Senior Aldermen of this Burgh of Kendal,who died on the 17th of October 1804 Aged 63 years. , also of his Widow Mrs.Jane Harrison daughter of the late James Dowker Esq. who died on the 21st of January 1820 Aged 66 years.

Dowker Kendal

(In. S). " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, " Sacred memory of William . Richardson Esqr. who departed this life November . 28th 1809 aged 58, and of Thomasin his widow, the youngest daughter and last surviving descendant of James Dowker Esqre, she died January 4th 1839, aged 81.

Dowker Kirkby Lonsdale

(S. altar tomb) In memory of Anne wife of John Dowker of Thompson Fold in Lupton who departed this life the 28th day of August 1823 aged 27 years. (Reg 28 y).