North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Ellison


Ellison Asby

(W). In a. R. Joseph Ellison of Great Asby, who died September 14th 1871, Aged 82 years. Also of Mary his wife who died December Sth, 1865, Aged 67 years. And Thomas their Son who died in America June 29th, 1871 Aged 46 years. Also Samuel their Son who died February 20th 1863, Aged 26 years. .

Ellison Heversham

(E. altar tomb, rail). In memory of William Ellison of Sizergh Cottage, who died the 19th February 1828 Aged 86. Also of Mary, Wife of the above W. Ellison who died at Hincaster February . 2nd 1836 Aged 87. Also of Luke Ellison, Nephew of the above W. Ellison who departed this life November . 24th 1837, Aged 62. Also of Elizabeth Lax, Sister of the above Luke Ellison who both died at Sedgwick (she) May 16th 1838 Aged 65.

Ellison Heversham

(S. four slabs and head-stones, and rail). 1. In memory of William Ellison of Low Sizergh who died at Kendal. May 17th 1859 Aged 34 years. Also of Agnes his wife who died at Low Sizergh January 19th 1855 Aged 28 years. , also of Francis Charles Ellison, son of William & Jane Ellison born October 2nd 1838, died June 17th 1867, also of William infant Son of the Above Francis Charles Ellison & Mary his Wife, born August 30th 1866, died December 17th 1866. 2. William Ellison born March 3rd 1787, died March 6th 1865. (Flat stone), In m. Jane, widow of the above William Ellison Senr of Kendal born March 23rd 1808, died at Kendal April 20th 1874. R. I. P . 3. + Conjugi, Matri et Amico. (sic). Mary the beloved wife of William Ellison of Sizergh and daughter of Robert Harrison of Low Levens, died April 24th 1828 Aged 31 years. Requiescat in pace. Also Luke, Infant Son of William and Jane Ellison who died at Sizergh April l0th 1837 And Frances daughter of the above who died at Sizergh April 28th 1846 Aged 12 years. and 10 m. Also Mary Agnes daughter of William and Mary Ellison who died at Sizergh on the anniversary of her birthday January 26th 1848 Aged 25 years. 4. In Memoria(m). Robert Harrison of Low Levens who died September . 8th 1830 Aged 67. And of Agnes his Wife who died on the 23rd of April 1836 Aged 70 years.