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Westmorland Church Notes - Relph


Relph Barton

( ). God took them in his mercy. Sacred memory of the beloved children of George & Mary Relph of Woodhouse, Samuel their son died December 20th. 1851 aged 3 m. John Walton their son died May 7th 1853 aged 4 m. Jane their daughter died April 18th 1857 aged 6 years. & 8 m. Also George Relph Father of the above who died March 25th 1868 aged 51 years. Mary Ann, daughter of the above, who died May 16th, 1879 aged 20 years. & 10 m.

Relph Barton

( ). Samuel Relph.

Relph Heversham

(E. stone edging). " I will arise and go to my Father." George Relph Greenhow-Relph, third son of John and Ann Greenhow, born at High House, Stainton, 2nd August 1807, and after an active, happy life died at Beech Hill nr. Usk, 7th February 1880. Also Anne Greenhow-Relph the beloved Wife of the above born 24th July 1803 and died at Beech Hill nr. Usk 12th October 1885.