North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Foster


Foster Barton

(W.) Sacred memory of John the son of James and Mary Foster of Tirril who died July 27th 1854 aged 11 years. , also of Jane their daughter who died August 14th 1854 aged 7 years. " They were lovely & pleasant in their lives & in their deaths they were not divided." Also of James their son who died Janry 5th 1885 aged 35 years.

Foster Heversham

(E. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Anne the Wife of John Foster of Challen Hill, Preston Patrick, who departed this life on the 14th Day of June Ann. 1824.

Foster Kirkby Lonsdale

(N. altar tomb). To the memory of Arthur Foster, printer, bookseller, and publisher and for nearly twenty years. postmaster of this town who died November 29, 1844 aged 76 years. And of Susannah his wife who died January 21, 1844 aged 80 years. Also of Edward Wilson, formerly of Kendal who died February 9, 1837 aged 70 years. And of John Foster (son of the above-named Arthur Foster) printer, bookseller and publisher who was thirteen years. clerk to the magistrates and six years. postmaster of this town and died on the 4th of February 1851 aged 51 years. and also of Margaret Foster, relict of the late John Foster of Kirk by Lonsdale who died on Wednesday November 2, 1853 aged 49 years.

Foster Kirkby Lonsdale

(W. altar tomb). To the memory of Mary wife of Arthur Foster of this Town Bookseller who died August 9, 1806 aged 36, and of Ann their infant daughter Also of Hannah Foster who died September 20, 1821 aged 84, Ann Robinson who died December 16, 1818 aged 83 years. and Edward Arthur Foster who died January 18, 1829 aged 23 m., The Mother, Aunt and Grandson of the said Arthur Foster.

Foster Lowther

In memory of John Foster of Melkinthorpe who died July 15th 1851 aged 79 years. Also of Jane his Wife who died April 27th 1855 aged 74 years. and John their son who died March 17th 1856 aged 35 years.