North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Mac Donald


Mac Donald Appleby St Lawrence

(S. Chancel Aisle). This window was inserted in m. Hugh Parkin Esq. son of James & Phi1lis Parkin of this borough, born at Appleby 20th Mar. 1753 died at Skirsgi1l 29th April 1838. Also of Sarah Margaret his wife daughter of Wi1liam Macdowa1l Esq. born 7th December 1770, died 16 June 1858.

Mac Donald Heversham

(E. two altar tombs, rail) . Here lies the Body of Elizabeth Mac Donald,. Widow of Major Forbes Ross Mac Donald, and daughter of Walter Wilson of Heaves, who died June 24th, 1814, Aged 58 years. (2). Here lies the Body of Mary Wilson, Widow of Walter Wilson of Heaves who died November 27th, 1816 Aged 92.