North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Suart


Suart Heversham

(E. altar tomb). In memory of Margaret, Wife of Thomas Scott of Heversham died 28th January 1771 aged 49 years. Also of Thomas Scott of Heversham died 20th May 1802. aged 81y. Also of Elizabeth, Wife of Joseph Singleton of Lancaster died in child-bed l0th of August 1783 Aged 33 years. Also of her Infant Joseph Who Left this World 7 Weeks after his fatal Birth. Also Edward Suart of Leasgill who died Febr. 24th, 1854 Aged 97 years.

Suart Heversham

(E. flat tomb, rail) . In memory of Thomas Ward Suart of Bradley Field, died April2nd, 1826 aged 36, son of John and Isabella, also of John Suart of Bradley Field Esqr. who died June 14th, 1834 aged 91 years. , also of Isabella wife of Robert Atkinson and daughter of the above named Thomas Ward Suart, died September . 16th 1852 aged 40y.

Suart Kendal

(W). Sacred memory of Alderman John Suart who in the years. 1794 and 1808 was Mayor of Kendal, his remains were deposited in the grave beneath on the 24th day of October 1819 in the 75th years. of his age.

Suart Windermere

(Int. N) . In memory of William Suart for upwards of 29 years. parish clerk of Windermere, died March 19th 1869 aged 61 years.