North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Smithies


Smithies Askham

(In. N.) In Memory of John Smith of Askham son of Wade & Elizabeth Smith who died June 22nd 1858 aged 81 years.

Smithies Barton

(S). In memory of Annas the beloved daughter of John & Mary Smith who died at Pooley Bridge April 19th 1880 aged 6 years. & 6 m.

Smithies Barton

(S). In memory of Frances Smith, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Smith who died at Rampsbeck September 7th 1871 aged 3 years.

Smithies Barton

(S.) Here lyeth the Body of William . Smith of Low Brow who died Anno Domi MDCCXXVI etate suo (sic) LXXXIII. He had to wife Agnes the daughter of Richd Walker of Martindale who died in the 85th years. of her age Anno Domi MDCCXXIV. And Also William Smith of . . B . . . their great-grandson who died August 2nd 1774 in the 54th years. of his age.

Smithies Heversham

(E. slab with rail. E. B. was informed that it belonged to the Smithies family).