North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Turner


Turner Appleby St Lawrence

(N .E). Life how short. Eternity how long. In memory of Thomas Turner who died November . 24th 1868 aged 41 years. William his son died in 1855 aged 3 m. Also of William his son who died January 18th 1866 6 years. Sarah Ann Turner his daughter died June 30th 1880 aged 18y.

Turner Heversham

(E). In affectionate remembrance of Jane, widow of the late Thomas Turner, who died at Milnthorpe Septr. 1868 aged 73 years.

Turner Heversham

(E. flat stone). sacred memory of Thomas Turner of Burton, second Son of Thomas and Agnes Turner of Woodhouse near Milnthorpe who died January 26th 1844 Aged 60 y. For upwards of 15 years. he discharged the duties of Postmaster of Burton with strictness and integrity. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Turner Kendal

(W. rail). In memory of William Turner late of Castle Mills, who died January 31st 1833, aged 60 years. , also of Sarah his wife, who died July 14th 185l in the 76th y. of her age.

Turner Kirkby Lonsdale

(S. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Richard Turner of Barbon was departed this life the 1st of April 1758 aged 70 years. Also Eleanor wife of Richard Turner who departed this life the 7th of Decer. 1799 aged 97 years. Also George Turner who departed this life the 6th of Augt. 1782 aged 52 years. Also Mary Satterthwaite who departed this life the 18th of Augt. 1799 aged 69 y. Also Margaret Turner who departed this life the 23rd of June 1821 aged 75 years. W . . . . C . . . . (N. 2 small tombs, wire fence, 1). W. (2) C.

Turner Kirkby Stephen

In memory of Robert Turner of Kaber, who died November 25, 1760, aged 25. (Found beneath soil by Mr. Berry).