North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Young


Young Heversham

(E. pyramid of four sides on pedestal). (1). In memory of John Young Esqr. the oldest Son of Col. James Young and many years. a beloved inmate of the Vicarage. His death in 1836 at the Age of 27 was sudden as a warning to others to be equally ready. (2). Inter arbores aliis pro- futuras quas A.D. 1800 posuit ipse hic jacet quod mortale fuit Georgii Lawson Ec(clesire) hujus plus quadruginta annis Vicarii, dehinc autem meliora petentis. Obiit A.D. 1842 Ætatis77. (3). Behind this cold Memorial lie the Remains of Henrietta Lawson, as a Wife and Mother affectionate, and to the needy bountiful. She d. November . A.D. 1825 Aged 55.

Young Lowther

Erected in m. William Thompson of Hackthorpe who died July 12th 1801 aged 75 years. Also Hannah his wife who died June 30th 1826 aged 90 years. Also of Mary Young, daughter of the above William & Hannah Thompson who died at Whale December 22nd 1837 aged 79 years. (Other side, brass). Here lieth the Body of John Holmes only son of William & Mary Holmes of Hackthrop (sic) who died the 2nd of May 1773 aged 24 years.

Young Warcop

In affectionate remembrance of John Young of Pletts Sandford, who died May 4th 1877 aged 76 years. Elizabeth his Wife who died April 29th 1870 aged 72 years. Jesus said I am the Resurrection and the Life. He that believeth in me, though he be dead, yet shall he live.–S. John, ii., v. 25.