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Westmorland Church Notes - Yates


Yates Appleby St Lawrence

(In.). To preserve the remembrance of of a long & valuable life spent in the most useful of all employments, this marble is inscribed with the name of Richard Yates Memory of A. 58 years master of the grammar school in this town, whom an accurate knowledge of Roman Literature, a just and most harmonious elocution, unwearied diligence & a serious attention to the moral & religious improvement of his pupils eminently qualified for the important station which he held. He d December the 31st A.D. 1781 & in the 81st years. of his age.

Yates Kirkby Stephen

There was a stone, now in Pieces, to Mr. Yates headmaster of the Grammar School at Appleby, and with rhymes on it. (Mr. Berry).