North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Bowness


Bowness Appleby St Lawrence

(S. Brass on stone.) In memory of George Bowness of Appleby who died January 7th 1793 aged 65 years. , also in m. Bridget Bowness, wife of the above who died the l0th of August 1795 at Hammonds & was buried at Sandridge Churchyard near St. Albans, Herts. aged 61 years.

Bowness Appleby St Lawrence

(S.) Here lies the Body of Robert Bowness the son of John & Mary Bowness who died the 28th of February 1767 aged 22 years. John Bowness died the 20th of January 1768 aged 69.

Bowness Asby

(S. Aisle). In Memory of John Bowness whose life of great usefulness was finished by a death lingering but peaceful, on ye 8th November . 1763, in ye 73 Y. of his Age. And of Ann his Wife a Christian indeed who died 19th of May 1790, Aged 93. They were the indulgent parents of ten children, six 0 whom (viz :) Barbara and Ann, who lie buried in this Church-Yard, George, John and Robert, Merchants and Traders in Virginia, and Thomas, Vicar of Nafferton etc., † are already deceased. And the remaining four, Edward of Asby, William of Brentford Butts, Francis Rector of Gunton, etc., and Acting Magistrate for Suffolk, and Mary Robinson of Crossby Gart. (sic). cause this to be erected equally as a monument of their own filial gratitude and their Parents' Virtues.

Bowness Brougham

(W. of path, brass on stone). Erected in m. John Hodgson who died February 2, 1827, aged 76. Also Mary Hodgson wife of the above who died October 29th 1824 aged 69. Also Eleanor Bowness sister of the above who died May 1lth 1826 aged 68.

Bowness Lowther

I.H.S. In affectionate remembrance of James Bowness of Melkinthorpe who died 17th Oct. 1871 aged 65 years. Also Sarah his beloved wife who died 4th September 1882 aged 69 years. Also Joseph eldest son of the above who died 14th June 1860 aged 21 years. Also James their youngest son who died 18th May 1856 aged 11 years. Also of their grand-children Frances Bowness died 11th December 1873 aged 4 years. , Thomas died I3th December . 1873 aged 1y.

Bowness Lowther

(Altar tomb). Here lieth the Body of Richard Brown Who Dyed January 1725 Aged 75 And Eliz. His Wife who dyed September 21, 1730 aged 73. (3 brasses at foot). 1. Interr'd near this place William, son of Richd. Brown of Melkinthorpe. In life an Example of Honesty, Sincerity, Temperance and Justice; Much esteem'd for his great Abilities and happy Success in Surgery; He lived by all respected, And died lamented by many October 11th 1705 Aged 77 years. To perpetuate his Virtues to Posterity this Remembrance is placed by his sons-in-law, Jno. Bushby of Great Strickland and Jno. Wilkinson of Brinns. Also Mary, Wife of William . Brown who died Febr. 4th 1766 Aged 77 years. And Elizth. his eldest daughter who died 18 May 1764 Aged 46 years. 2. Sacred memory of Joseph Bowness who departed this life at Liverpool November . 10th aged 66 years. and was interred in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kirkdale, November 12th 1874. Labour and Sorrow cease, And Life's Long Warfare closed at last, His soul is found in Peace. 3. Beneath and near this stone lie the remains of William Bowness of Melkinthorpe in this parish, Yeoman, and Sarah his Wife, He departed this life March 24th 1850 aged 79 years. She died February 15th 1852 Aged 77 years. They had been united for the long period of 50 years. and in full hopes of a blessed immortality died full of years. respected by all. In remembrance of the kindest and best of parents and as a tribute of gratitude and filial affection their youngest son John Bowness caused this Tablet to be inscribed A.D. 1855. Here also lie interred Jane and Sarah Bowness, Jane died February 19th 1819 aged 4 years. , Sarah died November 30th 1842 aged 33 years.