North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Ewin


Ewin Asby

(W). S. in Memory of Joseph Fairer, Yeoman, who died July 18th, 1831, Aged 56 years. He was a truly honest upright man, and respected by all who knew him. Also of Agnes his wife who died April 28th, 1871, aged 87 years. Also of John son of the above who died April 7th, 1877, Aged 68 years. Also of Robert Fairer died 11th June, 1881, aged 67 years. Also Ann daughter of the above and wife of Isaac Ewin of Burrells, who died 10th January 1884, aged 76 years.

Ewin Warcop

(W.) In memory of Thomas son of Thomas and Mary Ewin of New Hall who died September . 23rd 1845 aged 20 years. Also Margaret their daughter who died at Sandford Field May 11th 1862 aged 25 years. Also of the above Mary Ewin who died January 1st 1876 aged 85 years. Also of the above Thomas Ewin who died at Sandford Fields November 29th 1879 aged 93 years.