North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Barker


Barker Beetham

(S). In memory of Mary Ann, wife of William Barker of Slackhead who departed this life December 18th 1851 aged 38 years. " Remember now thy Creator In the days of thy youth." Ecc. xii. c. iv. " Trust ye in the Lord for ever. For in the Lord Jehovah is Everlasting strength." Isaiah xxvi. c. iv. v. Also of Mary Clark, Mother of the above who died December 7th 1855 Aged 84 years. “Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you do ye even so to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. St. Mattw. vii. c. xii; v.

Barker Beetham

(S) . In loving remembrance William Barker of Milnthorpe who died November 22nd 1885 aged 77 years. and of Mary his second wife who died December 24th 1886 aged 73 years. " Thy will be done."

Barker Beetham

(S. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Ann wife of William Burrow of Arnside who died December 25th 1822 aged 87y., also of William Burrow husband of the above who died December 13th 1826 aged 87 years. and of Grace Barker their daughter who died November 18th 1831 aged 56 years. also of Robert Barker husband of the above, who died April 10th 1856 aged 76 years. also of Roger Barker, son of the above who died at Arnside May 2nd 1885 aged 79, and of Joan his wife, who died January 10th 1885. aged 65. (On flowers under glass) rest in peace.

Barker Burton In Kendal

(W. altar tomb). To Memory of John Barker ,of Burton, Mercer who died October the 29, 1739 Aged 39, and of his Son who died August 1731 in ye first years. of his Age. His Wife erected ys tomb. On the North side lies the Body of Margt. Relict of the above named John Barker. She died October 22. I759 Aged 62.

Barker Crosby Garrett

(E). In memory of Mary the wife of John Barker of Crosby Garrett who died July l0th 1871 Aged 66 years. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." Also of the above named John Barker who died 13th February 1881 Aged 77 years. " Faithful unto death."

Barker Heversham

(N. altar tomb, rails). Here lie the Remains of Thomas Barker who was drowned in crossing Milnthorp Sands on the 21st of June 1815. Interred July the 8th Aged 18. He was the third Son of Daye & Elizabeth Barker of Low Wood in the Parish of Cartmel. Amiable lamented Youth: Heaven endowed thee with a strong comprehensive Mind, and a guileless Simplicity of Disposition. In thee we thought to have seen the Man of Worth but thy Course was brought to a sudden Period by Him whose December ees are sometimes inscrutable yet ever merciful. What is our Consolation ? Even the exalted Hope of Immortality through Jesus Christ.

Barker Kirkby Lonsdale

(N). In remembrance of Matthew Barker, who departed this life July 28, 1858, aged 78 years. And of John his son, who died July 4, 1858 aged 32 years.