North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Swainson


Swainson Askham

(W). Erected in m. Robert Swainson of Askham who died 4th February 1814 aged 72. Also of Francis Swainson his wife who died I.the 8th July 1822 aged 89 years.

Swainson Kendal

(W). John Joseph, son of Joseph and Anne Swainson of Kendal, born 23rd Decr. 1833, died 27th January 1835.

Swainson Kendal

(W. altar tomb). In Memory of Margaret (D. of Isaac and Margaret Rawlinson of Lancaster, Late) wife of Joseph Swainson of (in) Kendal who died 11th (Day of December) December . (A.S.) 1770 aged 20 (y). Surviving but 11 days the Birth of her only Child. Also of Isaac (Lieut. in the 66th Regiment only son of the above said Joseph and Margaret Swainson) their Son, Lieutenant in the 66th Regiment of Foot who died at St. Domingo (the) 31st (day of) March 1796 Aged 26 (y. And) Of Elizabeth, Second Wife of (Alderman) the said Joseph Swain. son who died (d. L. the) 29th (Day of) January 1798 Aged 39 years. Of the said Joseph Swainson who died 23rd May 1825 Aged 85, And Of John Fell Swainson, eldest Son of the above named Joseph & Elizabeth Swainson who died 18th January 1826 Aged 31. (The parts in brackets are variations from an inscription that preceded the present one, which dates from 1825. Mr. Jennings).