North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Hamilton


Hamilton Barton

(W. brass, nimbus & cross on small broken pillar.) Jane daughter of Revnd. Thomas Gibson and wife of W. F. Hamilton, Esqre born December 20, 1815, died July 24, 1857.

Hamilton Barton

(W. cross, rails). " I. h. s Thy will be done." In loving remembrance Alexander Thomas Hamilton late 42nd Highlanders youngest son of William Finlay Hamilton and Jane his wife who died at Ashburton Devon July 29th 1880 aged 31 years. Also of William Finlay Hamilton eldest son of William Finlay Hamilton and Jane his wife who died at Meerut, India, while serving in H. Memory of 15th King's Hussars, May 22nd 1873.

Hamilton Barton

(S). Near this place are interred the mortal remains of Thomas Harbottle late of Tirrell Lodge in this Parish and Agent under the Duke of Devonshire. In the private relations of life he was distinguished by great sweetness of temper which made him easy to --- [missing]

Hamilton Kendal

(Bellingham chapel, floor). H. Hancock, died l0th February 1799, Aged 71.

Hamilton Kirkby Stephen

In memory of Thomas Dixon, late 6f Kirkby Stephen who died February 9th 1803 aged 30, also of Margaret the wife of Thomas Hamilton (and relict of Thomas Dixon) who died June 13th 1837 aged 72, Also of Thomas Cowper Dixon their son who died April 14th 1822 aged 28.

Hamilton Warcop

(W.) In memory of John Hamilton of Sandford who died February 15th 1858 Aged 59 years. Also Jane his sister and wife of William Dixon of Sandford who died May 29th 1847 aged 51 years. Also William Dixon who died June 1, 1860 Aged 67 years.