North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Tunstall


Tunstall Beetham

(In. E. south side of the chancel, altar tomb with recumbent figures, a man in armour, & his lady) arms; (N. side) I. chief indented (Betham)* ; 2. lion's head affronte (Fitzroger) †; 3. cross fretty (? Thwaites but ? meant for Banister) ‡; 4. a quatrefoil; (S. side) 5 saltire engrailed (hidden by benches) (Middleton) ; 6. 3 escallops, (Strickland) ; 7. 6 annulets 3, 2, 1, (Musgrave) ; 8. cross raguly (? Lawrence) ; ( W. side) 9. fretty (Fleming?} ; 10. 2 crowns; 11. 3 combs (Tunstall) §. * E. died N. alphabet, {one of 2 Betham coats given}. Vincent's Ordinary Vol. II. p. 935. Coll. Arms gives ar. chief indented az bendlet gu. to " Sr: Richard Bethum de com. Lanc." An. indented chief was Fitzrandolph of the North, Lord of Mlddleham. West {Antiquities of Furness) notes this bearing to Beetham and N. and B. {1. 224. appendix 628-30). and Whitaker {Richmondshire II. 334}, the former in their notice of old stained glass formerly at Beetham assign a like coat to Burton. The herald Vincent, however, {supra p. 1092) attributes to the latter sa. saltire engr. ar. a chief of last. † N. & B. Mr. Norcliffe calls it a Saracen's head in a note to Mr. Bellasis. ‡ Fusily or loxengy according to N. and B. {1. 628-30) and ascribed by them to Croft {see infra, under Legh). § Tunstall, Musgrave, Strickland, Middleton, and Banister figure n the Betham descent. N. and B. make no note of the Tunstall and Fleming coats, and the two crowns, nor does Mr. Norcliffe of this latter. This tomb would seem in some respects a hard heraldic nut for Westmorland to crack, and to require separate treatment to an extent somewhat beyond the scope of the present general work. Hill MSS. II. 296. also note as "unknown," 41y; I and 4, 3 annulets; 2 and 3, saltire within border engr .

Tunstall Burton In Kendal

(Arms in Burton Church, tricked in Hill MSS. ii. 305). 3 combs (Tunstall).

Tunstall Ravenstonedale

(S). In loving remembrance Parkin Tunstall of Elm Pot, Ravenstonedale, who died April 29th 1880 aged 59 years.