North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Laidman


Laidman Barton

(S). Sacred memory of Samuel Lancaster of _New House who departed this life on the 15th day of March 1797 aged 72 years. Also of Eleanor the wife of Samuel Lancaster who died on the 23rd day of May 1811 aged 84 years. Samuel Lancaster infant son of the above Samuel and Eleanor died Oct. 7th 1758. The Reverend Thomas Lancaster their son died September . 19th 1786 aged 27 years. and was interred at Fulham in the County of Middlesex. John Lancaster their son died July 29th 1803 aged 48 years. Samuel Lancaster of Beulah House their son died May 6th 1813 aged 50 years. Henry John son of David and Eleanor Ann Hannah Laidman of Beulah House and grandson of the above Samuel and Mary Lancaster died at Beulah House March 20th 1855 aged 55 years. & 5 m. Emma Margaret daughter of the above David and Eleanor Ann Hannah Laidman died at Beulah House April 2nd 1855 aged 10 years. & 10 m. The above David Laidman died at Beulah House June 12th 1862 aged 53 years. Mary Eleanor daughter of the above David and Eleanor Ann Hannah Laidman died at Beulah House January 2nd 1863 aged 20 years. In affectionate remembrance of Eleanor Ann Hannah relict of David Laidman, formerly of Beulah House, Barton, who died at Penrith Augt. 2nd 1879 aged 65 y:

Laidman Ormside

(S). In memory of John Brass who died August 15, 1852 Aged 61 years. Jane his daughter who died March 16, 1860 aged 26 years. Thomas his son who died January 27, 1861 aged 18 years. Mary his daughter who died July 20, 1861 aged 21 years. Margaret Tiffin his daughter who died August 23, 1861 aged 31 years. John his son who died January 3, 1862 aged 24 years. Elizabeth Clark his daughter who died Oct. 11, 1871 aged 40 years. Alice Laidman his daughter who died December 12, 1874 aged 34 years. Elizabeth Brass his relict who died March 11, 1879 aged 78 years.

Laidman Windermere

(In. N). Arms (on lozenge) sa. ? bend between 6 cross crosslets ar. impaling gu. ? fret. In the Chancel of this Church are interred the Remains of Barbara youngest daughter of Fletcher Fleming of Rayrigg in this Parish Esq. and Relict of Thomas Lake of Liverpool, merchant, who died at Kendal on the xvii day of May MDCCCXVII greatly respected in the lxii years. of her Age.