North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Mattinson


Mattinson Barton

(S.) As a tribute of affection from their surviving children this stone is erected in m. John Mattinson of Sockbride Hall who died Oct. 19th 1833 aged 73 y., and of Sarah his wife who died Augt. 4th 1819 aged 50y. Also of David Mattinson their son who departed this life on the 13rd day of June 1837 aged 34 years.

Mattinson Barton

(S). Here lies the body of Joseph Mattinson of Emond (sic) Bridge who died l. April the 4th 1762 aged 52 years.

Mattinson Long Marton

(N.E). " And we all do fade as a leaf." In memory of Isabella, daughter of Matthew Mattinson & Ann Lamb of Longmarton who died March 28, 1863 aged 4 years. also Matthew Mattinson their son who died April 8, 1847 aged 13 m. & was interred in Bongate Church-Yard, also of the above Ann Lamb who died October 9th 1870 aged 64 years. also Matthew Mattinson Lamb of Long Martnn who died on the 1st day of July 1876 aged 76 years.

Mattinson Lowther

In memory of Joseph Mattinson who died at Lowther July 20th 1871 aged 51 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died June 8th 1873 aged 57 years.