North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Percival


Percival Appleby St Lawrence

(E). In memory of John Percival of Howgate Foot who died March 19th 1805 aged 82 years. , also Barbara his wife who died May 27 1812 aged 81 years. , also Jane, wife of John Percival junior, who died April 1st, 1811 aged 45 years. , also John their son who died December 15th 1818 aged 30 years. & 3 of their children who died in their infancy, also John Percival junior who died January 25th 1839 aged 75 years.

Percival Barton

(S). Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of John Nicholson of Yanwath who died November . 25th 1825 aged 87. Also of Mary Nicholson who departed this life on the 19th Day of June 1834 aged 86 years. Also in m. George Percival, nephew of the above, late of Bath, who died l, at Yanwath gate on the 3rd Day of April 1845 aged 84 years. and of George Perciva1 great grandson of the above who died in infancy October 8th 1850

Percival Brough

(S). Sacred memory of Jane, wife of William Percival who died July 26th 1838 aged 25. And Anne daughter of the above who died June 27th 1851 aged 4.

Percival Brough

(S). Sacred memory of Robert Percival, who died January 29th 1872 aged 76. And Elizabeth Percival his sister who died November 13th 1871 aged 73.