North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Bell


Bell Askham

(N). In memory of Rowland Wilson who died I. on the 19th of April 1860 aged 54 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died August 26th 1850 aged 49 years. Also of Jane Bell who died September . 14th 1861 aged 33 years. In life respected, in death lamented by all who knew them.

Bell Beetham

(N). Sacred memory of Agnes, Widow of Matthew Bell of Kendal And Daughter of William Yeats of Nether Leek. She departed this life on the llth dayof March A.D. 1778 in the 49th years. of her Age. She left an only Child John who erected this Monument to an affectionate Parent.

Bell Beetham

(W) . I. H. S. In L. R. Barrow Bell of Hale, who died on the 31st of January 1879 aged 34 years.

Bell Brough

(S). To Memory of Christopher Bell of Brough-Sowerby lodge who departed this life Oct. l0th 1819 Aged 74. Also of John Bell his Nephew who departed this life Febr. 18th 1818 Aged 33. Also of Elizabeth Bell who died April 25th 1838 aged 86 years.

Bell Brough

(S. brass on stone). In Memory of Thomas Bell of Brough Sowerby who departed this life on the 16th Day of March 1830 aged. 68 years. (on stone) . . . of Sowerby . . . March . . . Ann his wife the 14 day of January 1777 aged 71 . . . Elizabeth wife of Matthew Bell their son the 2–August 1794 aged 6–years, who lies interr'd here. Also their son Lancelot Bell A.M. the 9 day of January 1796 in the 60 years. of his Age. He was Rector of Sall and Vicar of Saxthorpe in Norfolk, and formerly Fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. He was buried at Sall.

Bell Brougham

(W. of path). Sacred memory of Richard Jameson who departed this life on the 4th day of February 1823 in the 63rd years. of his age. & of Margaret his daughter who died on the lst day of July 1805 aged 11 years. and 6 m. Also of Robert Bell his maternal uncle who died on the 3rd day of August 1801 in the 76th years. of his age. Also of Mary his wife who died on the 4th day of January 1836 aged 64 years. Also of William their son who died on the 1st day of February 1836 aged 38 years. And also of Richard their son who died on the 13th of April 1858 aged 66 years.

Bell Crosby Garrett

(S). Sacred memory of John Taylor who departed this life Octr 9th 1792 Aged 50. Also of Isabella his Wife, daughter of John and Isabella Bell, who died April 4th 1782 Aged 41.

Bell Crosby Ravensworth

(S). To the memory of Agnes, wife of John Bell of Maulds Meburn who departed this life June 28th 1816 Aged (38) years. She was a good Wife and Mother and a good Neighbour and truly honest and industrious.

Bell Kendal

(In brass, Bellingham chapel). Near this place lie the Remains of Ann Fairbank, Widow of John Fairbank, Alderman, and daughter of Matthew Bell, Tanner, She departed this life June the 23d 1766 Aged 72.

Bell Kirkby Lonsdale

(N.E). Sacred memory of James Bell of this town who died July 23rd 1851 aged 74 years. and of Ann Bell his wife who died July 18th 1842 aged 68 years. also of Ann Agnes Bell who died September 11th 1849 aged 17 years. and of Edward Bell who died December 9th 1850 aged 24 years. the son and daughter of Matthew and Alice Bell and grandchildren of the above-named James and Ann Bell.

Bell Kirkby Lonsdale

(N.E). In .a. remembrance of Joseph Bell, who died May 4, 1843 aged 50 years. Interred at Keswick. Also Ann Bell widow of the above who died July 12, 1861, aged 62 years. Also John Bell, their son who died February 11, 1856 aged 23 years. Interred at Newcastle. Also William Bell, their son who died September 18, 1864 aged 38 y, interred at Forbes, Australia. Also Little Bell their son who died Oct. 5, 1868 aged 31 years. Also Abraham Bell, their son who died August 31, 1869 aged 38 y. Interred at Birmingham. Also Ann, wife of Joseph Bell, who died May 4, 1876 in her 42nd years.

Bell Kirkby Lonsdale

(N.E). Sacred memory of Matthew Bell of this town who died December 30th 1852 aged 51 y. Also of Alice Bell widow of Matthew Hell who died March 4th 1860 aged 63 y. Word of the everlasting God Will of his glorious Son, Without thee how could earth be trod, Or heaven itself be won.

Bell Kirkby Stephen

(In.S). This roof was made in 1845 and in the 9th years. of the reign of Victoria. Henry King Memory of A. Vicar, Anthony Davis, George Bailey, John Ellwood, Thomas Fothergill, churchwardens, William Close carpenter, George Bell, plumber.* * On the new roof are sundry arms &c., such as Musgrave, Lowther, Mason, Whitwell, Wakefield, Simpson, &c.

Bell Kirkby Stephen

(In. on a boss near tower). January 1873, Reverend . Dr. Simpson, Vicar, James Bell, Artist and Master Painter, Christopher Waits, forman Joiner (Kendal), Joseph Wood, Mason, Hartley. (Mr. Berry).

Bell Orton

(N). In memory of John Bell, yeoman, Moorhouse Close, Orton, who died Oct. 9th 1870 aged 69 years.