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Westmorland Church Notes - Gale


Gale Barton

(S. Winder chapel,) To the memory of Anne daughter of Jno. Gale Esqr. Merchant of Whitehaven & wife of Jno. Wordsworth Esqre. of Penrith in the County of Cumberland. A disposition eminently benevolent, lively affections regulated by a sound judgment & tempered with the gentlest manners endeared her to numerous friends & procured for her general love and esteem. It is needless to dwell upon the care and fidelity with which she discharged her conjugal duties, this is too well and tenderly remembered by the survivor, but it may be usefull to record the patience with which she endured a severe trial, arid it is consolatory to express a hope that she is now enjoying the reward of her long suffering. She was born July 3rd 1759, & died August 5th 1815.